First House AS

We offer advice on the strategic level within financial and political communication, corporate communications, crisis, and media management. Our staff has experience from top positions in politics, society and industry, finance and media.

We simply put together bright minds with different fields of expertise, so you and your business get the best assistance. CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS Communication is a strategic management tool that can contribute to the achievement of business goals. We have professional, communication expertise and solid experience. Our advice is based on audience knowledge, business understanding and consequence thinking. FINANCIAL COMMUNICATIONS First House advises clients in their efforts to position themselves and build trust amongst shareholders and in the capital market. We map the stakeholders and their perceptions, analyze value drivers, assist with strategic choices and contribute to future opportunities while communicating and understanding any potential risks. PUBLIC AFFAIRS Successful businesses ensure that they have insight into political methods and processes. They know how to create a message to get approval and what it takes to influence a political process.

First House tilbyr rådgivning på strategisk nivå innen finansiell og politisk kommunikasjon, virksomhetskommunikasjon, krise- og mediehåndtering. Selskapet har vært i etablert drift siden 1. januar 2010. Selskapet har i dag 38 ansatte.

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